Coffee Ground Storage Container

Keep Your Boca Java Coffee Fresh With Airtight Coffee Storage And Coffee Dispenser. Metered Coffee Container For Measuring Coffee For A Perfect Pot Of Coffee.

Your favorite coffees, teas and gourmet chocolates. Starbucks coffee, Green Mountain Coffee Club, Boca Java Coffee, CoffeeAM, Adagio teas, and gourmet chocolates from France.

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Airtight Coffee Storage And Coffee Dispenser

Buy Boca Java Coffee To Use In Your Airtight Coffee Storage And Dispenser By MetariAirtight Coffee Storage and Dispenser Gadgets.


Coffee storage and coffee dispenser in one convenient airtight design. Coffee dispenser measures one tablespoon of ground coffee directly into coffee makers and espresso machines.

Airtight coffee container to preserve freshness for maximum flavor.

  • Airtight coffee ground storage.

  • Included coffee storage base keeps countertops clean of ground coffee spills.

  • Holds more than 1 lb. of fresh ground coffee in airtight coffee storage and coffee dispenser .

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